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They did a great job on my nails! I got a dip manicure, and I appreciated how they poured the dip powder into a separate cup to decrease the spread of germs. Other nail salons are not taking the same precautions. The atmosphere is very calming and they offer free beverages (including wine)."

(5/5 star - 
Julia Walton)

"I was looking for a nail salon that was not only clean, had friendly staff, and organized but also a place that can do exactly what I want for a fair price.. THIS SALON CAN DO ALL THAT AND MORE! Not only have I met the nicest and most kind staff here.. (Tim, Tracey, Eunyi, Ada, and Tiffany) but they also are SO clean, offer free water, coffee, and wine (21+ only) and most importantly have very fair prices for the work they do! The location is in a great area, and if you’re early/late they will still take care of you right away! I have never been more impressed with a nail salon in my entire life (and I’ve been to many many nail salons) this place is my absolute favorite of all time, everyone here really treats you like family! Please go here you won’t have regrets!"

(5/5 star - 
Trinity Renee)

"Omg, I’m so IN LOVE with this place. Came here for a spa day & I’m so happy we did. Tim is a sweet heart with healing hands. He gave us complimentary neck & face massages. Tiffany gave me one of the best pedicures I’ve ever had. They have so many pedi choices. I personally, chose the Red Wine 5 in 1 pedicure. My feet look and feel AMAZING. Tracy waxed and tinted my eyebrows. It was my first tinting experience and needless to say, I’ll be back for them again. I love an hour away but I’ll definitely be back, AT LEAST once a month. Thank you all for such a fantastic and relaxing experience. This is what you call a 5-star experience!!"

(5/5 star - 
Diamond B)

"My nail technician was very professional and had immaculate attention to detail. She helped me choose the products that were right for me, and made sure my mani was perfect. She was very nice to talk to, and I would highly recommend Tracy to anyone looking to get a mani. They were very conscious of cleanliness and social distancing considerations with COVID. I will definitely be in again! :)"

(5/5 star - 
Luis&Kate Camacho)

"Best pedicure I’ve had in years, and pedicures are something I love to get often...I will definitely now make this my regular go-to nail salon. The cleanliness and brightness are the first things you notice as you walk in, this coupled with the friendliness and professionalism of the staff makes for a wonderful experience. The nail polish choices are very well organized and the music they play is upbeat yet relaxing at the same time. This salon has it all! I will definitely return and I also appreciate the friendliness of the staff, I didn’t want to leave after my pedicure was finished as I relaxed in the massage chair waiting for my polish to dry. All of the staff dresses in beautiful clothing and they have gorgeous hair, makeup and nails themselves, it makes you feel like they will care for you because they obviously take care of themselves and it shows. There is a lot of pride in this salon and it is very well deserved! Definitely shining like a diamond by Keystone Mall!!"

(5/5 star - 
Sofia Cento)

"Their pedicure massage chairs are the bomb. Warm people and environment. Good price for the location. Hand massage at the end of manicure was top notch. Complimentary drinks"

(5/5 star - 
Siddhi Morabia)

"Pur Nail Spa demonstrates the best customer service I’ve seen in a nail salon. They treat you like royalty and are extremely friendly. They did very high-quality work on my pedicure and gel manicure. I’ll definitely be visiting here again."

(5/5 star - 
Taryn M Houchin)

"Wow. This place definitely exceeded my highly set expectations! I got the classic pedicure and dip powder set with tips! Tracy and Tiffany paid close attention to the services they provided me and ensured I was a happy customer! Not to mention how clean the whole place was. Highly recommend this place to anyone!"

(5/5 star - 
Estavian Ward)

"This is the best nail salon in Indy!!! I am so happy I happened upon it when I was in dire need of a mani/pedi. I own a hair salon on Mass Ave, downtown and will gladly drive to the northside. GREAT customer service, GREAT services & the most sanitary nail salon I have ever been in! I highly recommend treating yourself to the many treatments they have for hands and feet!"

(5/5 star - 
Steffanie Peabody)

"It has been so hard to find a good nail place after moving to Indy over a year ago. I’m so glad PUR has opened! It was so clean and Trinh (Tiffany) gave me a great pedicure and made my gel mani look so nice too. Will definitely be going back!"

(5/5 star - 
Kaitlin Berrebbi)

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